DTE Code: 3522
DTE Code: 3522



In AURORA fest, college conducts various cultural programs. Wide range of cultural activities such as Storytelling, Creative writing, Debate, Singing, Dance competitions, Mehndi, Rangoli, Creative writing, Cooking without fire, Fashion show etc are conducted. Students participate and enjoy the events which indirectly boost their moral and enrich their minds.


In Aurora, college conducts various types of indoor and outdoor sports activities once a year. Our students also participate in intercollegiate sports programs, bag prizes and bring laurels to college. Such sports activities keep students’ mind and body healthy.

Student Work

Study Tour

Study tour helps students understand the world around us. Interaction with practising architects helps students to understand how literally architecture takes shapes from concept to execution. It emphasises experiential learning, enhances observational skill and awakens their minds.

Wall Painting

Blank white walls in the corridors have been adorned with paintings work by UCOA Students. Each wall was designed and executed with a theme by teams of students.
Working in group emulated team spirit and collaborative efforts in students. This also helps students to nurture their creative minds. Skillful execution on such a large-scale painting helps them to understand scale and proportion factor. This also adds feathers to their learning experience.


At UCOA, we celebrated Gudhi Padwa and Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti recently. This makes students learn more about our culture and respect it more after knowing about their importance in our lives and their contribution to our society to grow in right way. Along with this student also celebrate Independence Day and republic day. Students sing, dance and perform during such events which makes celebration more joyful.

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