DTE Code: 3522
DTE Code: 3522


Message from I/c Principal

Ar. Amol Bapat – I/c Principal – G.D.Arch., M.Arch. (PM)

Architecture is both art and science, drawing on and intertwined with psychology, sociology, economics, politics and more.

Architecture is not mere creation of the physical environment in which people live, but architecture is more than just the built environment, it’s also an inseparable part of our culture.

It stands as a representation of how we see ourselves, as well as how we see the world.

As the world became more and more connected, the styles evolved, but even in modern construction, there is still an importance in honoring the cultural nuances in the built environment.

Technology also has changed the way we design: computer-aided drafting, BIM modeling, and virtual reality, to name a few, have made it much easier to bridge between vision and reality, create unique and complex shapes and convey information in ways that have never been seen before.

Our Distinguished Faculties

Deepthi Kuriachan is an Academician, Architect, and an Interior Designer. She has an accumulated experience of 13 years as an Academician & Architect Consultant, in various colleges affiliated to Mumbai University and working on small scale to large scale projects in architecture and interiors which includes work experience with Architect Hafeez Contractor.

Her areas of interest are mainly humanities, theory and design subjects and would like to expand her knowledge on the same. Other areas of interest are urban design and conservation.

She has also undertaken the role of facilitator, mentor, invigilator, paper setter. She is instrumental in organizing and scheduling Student Inductions, Workshops & Guest Lecture Series. 

She had been part of preparing lesson plans, teaching documents, and conducted & experimented various teaching pedagogies with innovative results from students across all semesters of B.Arch. undergraduate programme. She has organized and led Convocation ceremonies at institute level and headed the Cultural Committee too.

She has presented and published papers in national and international conferences.

She has attended various workshops and guest lectures at institute level.

Ar. Ankita Dhir-Singh is a young graduate and has keen interest in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability. She graduated (B.Arch.) in the year 2014 from Mumbai University and has post-graduation (M.Arch.) in Environmental Architecture in the year 2018 from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. 

She likes to mentor the students especially in the areas of Space Design and Principles of Design. In Architecture her strengths are the subjects of Design, technical drawings, and materials. She is always eager to share her skills and knowledge with students.

She is very good at various software’s and keeps experimenting with her teaching pedagogies in different subjects.

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