DTE Code: 3522
DTE Code: 3522

From The Desk Of The Dean

He is a well known architect, enthusiast theorist and deeply believes in liberal arts philosophy. He has carried out several large scale architectural projects all over india and abroad.

Architecture today operates as a multidisciplinary profession integrating expert recommendations from over 200 independent trades. As such architecture has come full circle and returned to its Vitruvian Scope of responsibility and therefore learning. What has changed from the time of Vitruvius is the incredible advancement in technology, which has eased coordination and communication between professions. It has also made complex the architect’s endeavor on account of the swift and sweeping changes technology continues to undergo. In all of this change, the core needs of man have remained largely unchanged. Also, architecture largely derives its expression from the arts and humanities. At UCoA we have structured a curriculum designed to teach you the university and COA syllabus with a liberal arts approach, such that you will be able to learn the full breadth of architectural thought and be fully equipped to dispense of your consultancy responsibility now and in the years to come.

Chaitaniya KarnikDean

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