DTE Code: 3522
DTE Code: 3522


Universal Education (UE) was founded by the guiding spirit of our patriarch, Shri Sudhir Madhavji Lall. VIDYA VIKAS EDUCATION TRUST is one of the trusts under Universal Education.

Vidya Vikas Education Trust has a presence in the field of Higher Education and runs Lords Universal College (Degree and Junior), Lords College of Law, Vidya Vikas College (Degree and Junior), Lord’s Universal College of Education and Universal College of Engineering. Mr. Lall laid the foundations of UE in 1968 and built it from scratch to Mumbai’s largest and most reputed private educational organization. He was a visionary of great ideas but retained a lifestyle of simplicity. He conducted himself with total dignity and impartiality. His values, vision and goals were simple – to lead by love, by trust and by example.

During his professional career, Mr. Lall championed many causes, but none so fiercely as educational reforms. Unfortunately, he left for heavenly abode on the 1st Sep 2002. His son, our Chairman, Shri Jesus S. M. Lall has, since then, strengthened UE’s position, transformed it and ensured its growth in keeping with his dreams.

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