DTE Code: 3522
DTE Code: 3522

Message from Chairman

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our offerings, a brand-new architecture program. I believe that it’s the need of the hour. India is developing in leaps and bounds, with new cities, towns, and facilities cropping up every day. We are now participants on the global stage and need to belong to the large human family while retaining our Indian individuality. We have crafted a team of dedicated professionals to teach architecture to achieve this end. 

I believe that grounded liberal arts educated, and rigorous performance criteria cultivated by inspirational educators is what is exactly required to mould architects of the future. 

I invite you to let us take you on a journey of self-discovery and expansion of your boundaries to encompass the wide world of possibilities. We are committed to cultivating strength of character and a design aesthetic dedicated to a sustainable future for our planet and for creating a built legacy for future generations to come.

Mr. Jesus Lall - Chairman

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